Oprah’s Speech for Democrat Draws Raves From…Fox News: ‘She is Going to Get That Woman Elected’


Fox News’ Outnumbered seemed rather impressed with the speech Oprah Winfrey gave to support Stacey Abrams‘s (D) campaign to become governor of Georgia.

The talk show carried Winfrey’s address live on Thursday — during which she fired up the crowd with a rousing call for people to get out and vote in the midterm elections. When the panel returned at the speech’s conclusion, Melissa Francis began by saying Winfrey is “truly a master” of public speaking, and “she threads the needle of inclusion in a really interesting way.”

“A lot of celebrities can raise money for you if you are running political office,” Dagen McDowell added. “Oprah Winfrey has a spiritual connection with so much of this country, and it was built over years and years of doing that talk show. I said, when we were watching it, I said ‘If that women can get folks to eat pizza with a cauliflower crust on it, she is going to get that woman elected.'”

Lisa Boothe tried to steer the conversation towards Abrams’ policies, though Jessica Tarlov teased her for killing everyone’s good mood over Winfrey. Tarlov continued by drawing parallels to Winfrey and Michelle Obama, saying both use their speeches to promote important values.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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