Oral Sex Gag Takes The Simpsons‘ Katy Perry Muppet Parody Way Over the Line

In its eleventy-billionth season, Fox’s long-running animated hit The Simpsons seems more intent on retaining its edge than Patty and Selma‘s Lady Schick cartridges. Sunday night’s Christmas anthology was capped off by a pitch-perfect parody of The Muppet Show, but veered into adult humor that would make the Muppet-inspired pottymouths of Avenue Q blush.

Following a musical number with Sesame Street exile Katy Perry, creep’s creep Moe Szyslak goes in to kiss Perry’s belly button. “That’s not my belly button,” Perry points out, followed by the jaw-dropper, “but I didn’t say stop.”

As any longtime Simpsons fan will tell you, the show has long trafficked in edgy, not-for-kids humor, but this has got to be a first on network television. breaking the dual taboos of oral sex and puppet-on-human conjugal bliss. But did it have to be Moe? Those who object to the gag on moral grounds can at least console themselves with the fact that this clip was immediately followed by the sound of millions of vaginae slamming shut.

Here’s the clip, from Fox Television’s The Simpsons:

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