O’Reilly Accuses Cornel West of Wanting to Take Away All His Stuff

PicMonkey-Collage-Cornell-OReillyBill O’Reilly spoke tonight with Professor Cornel West about #BlackLivesMatter, which led to a rousing discussion about whether lingering white supremacy or the disintegration of families and social circles was more responsible for the challenges faced by black people.

When West described himself as someone trying to empower people, rather than a socialist, which led O’Reilly to question on him about whether he intended to eliminate poverty through resource redistribution.

To this O’Reilly said “I’m totally innocent about the historical stuff. You want to take my stuff and give it to other people because of what may have happened in the past.” Cornel responded by bringing up taxes, saying that more federal revenue should be spent on education and related programs, rather than on areas such as the military.

From there, O’Reilly and West continued their impassioned downward spiral, firing back and forth on whether West is as socialist as Bernie Sanders, whether the economic system discriminates against poor blacks, and the importance of personal responsibility.

This verbal food-fight culminated in the discussion of whether an upwards redistribution of wealth has left black people as the victims of poverty, and whether any single program or initiative can force the wealth gap to shrink.

You can watch the segment here

[image via screengrab]

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