O’Reilly And Ingraham Challenge Michelle Obama’s Call For Churches To Get Political

First Lady Michelle Obama recently took to the campaign trail and identified churches as places for political mobilization, a move that was the focal point tonight of a discussion between Bill O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham about what it means to make such a point.

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“It all ties into the social justice concept,” O’Reilly explained, though that did not bother Ingraham. “The First Lady talking about morality– that’s a great thing, and that’s to be celebrated,” Ingraham said (and yes, she meant it– O’Reilly had to ask). “I don’t personally have a problem with going to a church and talking about those things,” she added, but her concern fell with the fact that there were “decades of liberals attacking faith and politics.” They both noted that the stance the Democratic Party took on gay marriage was a conflict for many churches, and Ingraham argued that when those questions arise, “the debate is really kind of shut down for a lot of people.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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