O’Reilly Attacks Kirsten Powers over CNN Debate: ‘They Were Pandering!’


Despite the early numbers for the first Democratic debate on CNN, many took issue with the televised event’s apparent lack of coverage regarding important political topics. Namely ISIS, as Bill O’Reilly stressed during his appearance on Fox News’ Outnumbered Wednesday afternoon. And when fellow guest Kirsten Powers seemingly overlooked O’Reilly’s criticism with her own assessment of the debate, the O’Reilly Factor host exploded.

“It’s true that there are certain things [Anderson Cooper] didn’t talk about,” said Powers, “but that’s going to happen in every debate.”

“ISIS is just a certain thing? It’s pretty big!” O’Reilly quipped. “Why do you think he didn’t talk about ISIS? Certainly he didn’t forget it.”

Considering the frequency with which O’Reilly and Powers’ discussions on Fox News quickly devolve into shouting matches, the minute that followed came as no surprise. Especially since Powers avoided O’Reilly’s emphasis on ISIS and suggested that Cooper and CNN were “aware of who their audience was.” In other words, since those watching the Democratic debate care more about climate change than terrorism, the network chose not to ask (m)any questions about the latter.

O’Reilly’s response? “But they were pandering!”

Powers visibly wanted to move on, but the O’Reilly Factor host definitely did not: “Let’s pursue this. So Anderson Cooper’s a journalist and you’re telling me, in your opinion, that he’s asking a question because he knows who his audience is?”

“This is why I always hate it when you do this,” said Powers. “You always want to know what was motivating someone. I don’t know. I’m just putting it out there.”

Check out the clip above, via Fox News.

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