O’Reilly Takes on Kurtz Over Secular Media Bias: ‘Their Crew Despises Religion’

On Tuesday night, Bill O’Reilly took on how the media views religious people, spurred on by NBC News’ Luke Russert saying that it’s “very easy” for the media to mock and deride people of faith. O’Reilly clashed with Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz over whether this is necessarily true.

Kurtz agreed there’s a “condescension” to how the media covers religion sometimes but said it’s based on “ignorance” and a “lack of understanding” rather than a desire to attack people of faith. O’Reilly shot back that the media covered the Catholic Church pedophilia scandal with “glee,” giving them an excuse to condemn the entire faith.

Kurtz dismissed that as just coming from a few assorted liberal pundits, but O’Reilly was adamant that “the left is basically against religion” and the “secular national media” is out to get religious people. He brought up the mockery he got for saying he was inspired by God to write Killing Jesus, and Kurtz agreed what he said shouldn’t have been controversial.

On the other hand, Kurtz said it was easy to understand how people could have listened to O’Reilly’s comments and see him as a “fanatic.” O’Reilly concluded that “they were playing to their crew” by mocking him because “their crew despises religion.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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