O’Reilly: Bergdahl Deal Another Example of Obama’s Damaged Leadership

Bill O’Reilly took on the White House Monday night over the Bowe Bergdahl release and exchange for five Taliban Gitmo detainees, and charged that trading an American for terrorists could potentially lead to more Americans getting kidnapped “all over the world.” He cited this controversy as yet another example of the perception people hold about the president’s weakened leadership, and said, “By trading one American for five terrorists, that might encourage Americans to get kidnapped all over the world.”

O’Reilly said he can believe the White House when it says it had to act quickly. However, he continued, “In war, hard decisions have to be made, and these five Taliban terrorists, war criminals, they will kill again. There’s no question about that.”

O’Reilly maintained that if he were president, “I would not have made the deal.” That being said, he bemoaned how this was a “nearly impossible situation” for the United States.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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