O’Reilly, Bernie Goldberg Commend Chris Matthews For Admitting Liberal Media Bias

O'Reilly, Bernie Goldberg Commend Matthews For Admitting Liberal Media Bias

Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg found something in common with MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Monday night. Turns out, they all somewhat agree on the much-discussed issue of The Liberal Media Bias. Pegged off Matthews’ remark about establishment liberalism as the “true north” of the big networks, O’Reilly and Goldberg (who’s penned a book on the topic) rejoiced in the admission.

The Matthews comment in question was his assertion that, “the big networks for years had establishment liberalism as their basis of true north.” You make it too easy, Mr. Matthews. “Pleasantly surprised” summed up Goldberg’s reaction, who said Matthews “deserves credit.” The only way we’ll make progress with the media bias problem, he said, is with liberals admitting liberal bias and conservatives admitting conservative bias.

O’Reilly further touched on CBS chief Les Moonves recent comment, in which he said (in line at an Obama fundraiser) that partisanship is just a part of journalism now. Looking to a more historical example, Goldberg cited Walter Cronkite, who was known during his time as the most trusted man in the country. Even Cronkite admitted the liberal bias, Goldberg said, adding that Cronkite’s liberalism “induced him to cross the line.”

Take a look, via Fox News:

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