O’Reilly Blames America’s Downfall on ‘Secular Religion’: We’re Frightened and Weaker

Bill O’Reilly has long warned of the secular progressive shift in the U.S. to his viewers, and did so again Friday night, declaring that the “acceleration of secularism” is making the U.S. a “much weaker nation” and attempting to cripple a justice system based on Judeo-Christian values.

O’Reilly declared at the top of the segment that “America’s changing so dramatically,” and said the main reason America is changing so rapidly is because “we have gone from a traditional country to a secular society.” He specifically went after groups trying to remove religion from the public school system to the point where people are “frightened” to even speak the name of Jesus.

He warned that when society is led astray by secular progressives, “fewer judgments are made” and things like abortion and drug use become more acceptable, and as a result the nation becomes “much weaker,” because ultimately, O’Reilly asserted, “secular religion preaches it’s all about me.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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