O’Reilly Blasts Colin Powell’s Accusation Of GOP Racism: He ‘Used To Be A Republican’

Bill O’Reilly and Fox Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume blasted Colin Powell for his “startling” comments on GOP racism Monday and claimed he “used to be a Republican” but “isn’t any longer.”

Powell said the GOP had a “deep vein of intolerance” running through it because they “still look down on minorities.” He also took exception to comments made by former Governor Sarah Palin about Obama “shucking and jiving” and the description of Obama as “lazy.”

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Hume added fuel to O’Reilly’s fire when he said that if it was true that Republicans were intolerant, “you couldn’t prove it by his career.” He explained that Powell has been in the administration of the last three Republican presidents and said “they have never shown him anything but opportunity.” The comment about Obama being lazy, Hume said, “need not be considered a racial comment.”

“I think the case that he makes is weak, and it is an odd thing for a man who declares himself to be a Republican – and has done so well under Republican presidents – to say,” he added.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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