O’Reilly Blasts Obama’s ‘Weakness’: He’s Powerless to Stop Evil Aggression

Bill O’Reilly took on President Obama for projecting “weakness” on the world stage in handling nations like Iran, Syria, and Russia, saying that when the president shows weakness, “evil people will take advantage” and the U.S. becomes too weak to respond to aggression from such evil people.

He charged that with Iran, Syria, and Ukraine, “there have been few consequences” to those Obama publicly said would face consequences. O’Reilly stated that “President Obama is powerless to stop evil aggression,” because Democrats “want no part of confrontation and some Republicans are isolationist as well.”

And as for the American people, O’Reilly acknowledged that there’s no will to fight evil in the U.S. “unless we are directly attacked,” but that poses a danger to the country and results in a “weakening of presidential power.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[photo via screengrab]

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