O’Reilly Challenges Allen West on Tea Party: Dems ‘Savoring’ More Intra-Party Battles

Bill O’Reilly took on Fox News contributor Allen West Friday for problems currently facing the tea party, including the lack of a cohesive, more organized messaging effort, and the fact that every times the tea party wages war with the GOP establishment over issues like immigration reform, the intra-party squabbling just makes the Democrats salivate with glee.

West defended the tea party from strong unfavorable numbers, saying, “If you’re been demonized in an organization––like we’ve seen that happen with the tea party––you’re going to see those numbers reflect such.” O’Reilly said another problem is the lack of outreach “on the national level to get the message out,” saying when most people hear about the tea party they think of the Republican party “at loggerheads.”

West agreed on the messaging front, and believed the tea party should talk more about “what they are for, not so much what they are against.” O’Reilly brought up immigration reform, another “fierce debate” within the GOP, and found it striking just how “emotional and bitter” it is.

O’Reilly told West that the Democrats are “savoring” all this fighting, and that if the Republican party opposes immigration reform as the tea party would like, the party may well be “doomed.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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