O’Reilly Clashes With Kirsten Powers About Democrats ‘Demonizing’ The Rich

Does the Democratic Party hate the rich? This is what Bill O’Reilly examined on Monday, calling in Kirsten Powers and Mary Anne Marsh to discuss. O’Reilly argued that Democrats are fueling “class envy.” When he opened up the topic to the panel, the segment essentially turned into a clash between O’Reilly and Powers, who argued that America was founded on the principles of equality not aristocracy.

O’Reilly drew from his own life experiences, mentioning how his parents instilled a work ethic and were never jealous of those who were wealthy. Citing a Gallup poll that said 46% percent of Democrats don’t believe the rich provide benefit to the country, he countered that his website is basically a small business and that his foundation gives significant donations to charity. That’s a contribution, he said.

Against all odds, he said, he became one of the wealthy — and he’s done it through hard work, abiding by the law. Powers disagreed that Democrats are “demonizing” the rich, arguing the issue is with the class. We “aren’t supposed to have classes in this country. As you know this country was founded on the idea of equality and not having an aristocracy and classes of people living radically different lives.” The question, she said, is why Republicans feel the need to have a rich class.

As Marsh brought up the decline in economic mobility, the two vehemently disagreed, with O’Reilly dismissing the notion as “propaganda.” O’Reilly said he was the only one in his family to break out of the middle class bubble — thus, this difficulty in economic mobility isn’t a novel concept, “it’s always been stacked.”

Powers argued that the poll meant those people believe a rich class isn’t not beneficial, not wealthy individuals specifically. O’Reilly responded later, “It’s not a class like we go and we have tea together. It’s just defined by how much money you make. That is in every system all over the world.”

When income equality entered the discussion, O’Reilly insisted that no one gives you anything, “you earn it.” Needless to say, they agreed to disagree.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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