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O’Reilly Confronts Huckabee for Saying Obama Has ‘Disdain’ for Israel

Mike Huckabee said yesterday that President Obama has an “extraordinary disdain for Israel.” Bill O’Reilly found that a provocative enough statement to bring Huckabee onto his show and grill him on why he chose to say that.

O’Reilly asked, “Can you prove that President Obama has disdain for the nation of Israel?” Huckabee said that’s the only reason he can think of why the president would show such “disrespect” to Benjamin Netanyahu.

O’Reilly challenged him, arguing that it’s just a difference in “style” between Obama and Netanyahu. He said if Netanyahu was defeated in the Knesset elections, Obama would have been happy, meaning “I don’t think he’s against the country so much, I just don’t think he likes Netanyahu.”

He even asked Huckabee if Obama “sympathizes with Muslims more than Jews.” Huckabee didn’t say for certain, but noted “he acts with far more accommodation to the Iranians than he does to the Israelis.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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