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O’Reilly, Coulter Agree: Media’s Portrayal Of Faisal Shahzad Too Soft

With curiosity high on who Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad was privately, the media has been doing some personal investigating, which on The O’Reilly Factor last night Bill O’Reilly concluded was too sympathetic to Shahzad. Exploring a failed terrorist’s additional failures in his private life, he argued, without giving him responsibility for them is too humanizing. Ann Coulter also weighed in, but her logic was somewhat different: the media is “working through their grief of the car bomber not being a Tea Partier.”

O’Reilly went after CBS correspondent Bob Orr specifically, who emphasized Shahzad’s “Spartan” lifestyle and his financial troubles, visiting his home and showing an almost-empty closet and humble existence. O’Reilly pointed out that Orr did not mention that Shahzad spent significant money on 13 trips to Pakistan– money that could have gone to paying the mortgage he defaulted on. Coulter was not too interested in the CBS case specifically, but instead argued that, in general, liberals “always root for barbarians over civilization,” ending her argument with a claim that liberals only rooted against Hitler “when he invaded their precious Soviet Union.”

Video below:

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