O’Reilly Downplays Bad Blood Between Romney And Palin: ‘She Should Have A Platform’ At Convention

The recent hubbub over Sarah Palin not getting a formal invitation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa has made some people wonder if there is any bad blood between Palin and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. On his show tonight, Bill O’Reilly downplayed the idea that there is some kind of enormous rift between Romney and Palin, and said that Palin should be able to speak at the convention in order to energize conservatives.

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O’Reilly joked that since every room in Tampa is filled already, if Palin ends up being invited, she’s going to have to stay in a tent. Radio host Janine Turner said that Romney needs to embrace Palin’s virtues and understand how “she can be an asset” to his campaign. She compared the race to a movie where distant characters like Romney and Palin come together with President Obama‘s defeat as the happy ending.

Palin, as O’Reillly pointed out, was not very enthusiastic about Romney during the primary campaign (she was publicly telling people to vote for Gingrich at one point), and the Romney campaign hasn’t forgotten. Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields added that the Romney campaign has two other probable concerns: Palin’s level of enthusiasm could outshine Romney, and a public embrace of Palin would not play well to independents.

O’Reilly said if he were running the convention, he would invite Palin to speak, arguing that “she should have a platform.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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