O’Reilly: Eric Garner Was ‘Not a Threat,’ Police Clearly Overreacted

If you’ve been watching Fox News in the past day, you know that pretty much everyone on there disagrees with the Eric Garner grand jury decision (in varying degrees) or at least has expressed discomfort about what the police did. Bill O’Reilly started off his show tonight by acknowledging Fox News viewers aren’t particularly happy with this. He read off some angry emails and explained it’s not as simple as they’re making it out to be.

O’Reilly stated unequivocally that Garner was “a low level offender [and] not a threat” to the police officers. It’s the job of the cops, he said, to control an intense situation like that, not make it worse.

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He didn’t go as far as some on the network calling it potential manslaughter, but he said, “There was a police overreaction to Mr. Garner, and that should have been adjudicated in a court of law.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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