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O’Reilly Fact-Checks Trump on 9/11 ‘Thousands’ Claim, Finds No Evidence

billBill O’Reilly tonight shared the results of his investigative fact-check of Donald Trump‘s 9/11 claims. Remember, Trump has specifically claimed that he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering on 9/11.

And the evidence that people have so far pointed to––a 2009 CNN report and a September 2001 Washington Post article––do not back up Trump’s specific claim. And the amount of ludicrous spin on this subject from Trumpworld has been astounding.

Well, O’Reilly and Fox’s Eric Shawn tonight made something clear: there is absolutely no doubt that there were some Muslims in the United States who were happy on 9/11, but there is zero evidence to back up Trump’s claim about “thousands” cheering in New Jersey.

O’Reilly noted how he looked for any video whatsoever that backs up Trump, but no local news stations have it.

He and Shawn both determined that Trump probably “conflated” two separate things, even though Trump has denied any such thing and bragged about how great his memory is.

O’Reilly noted that Trump is on his show tomorrow night and will see how he responds then.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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