O’Reilly Factor: Lane Bryant Ad Pulled Because Plus-Sized Models Have More Cleavage

The Lane Bryant lingerie ad featuring a plus-sized model that was pulled from the 8pm hour for being too salacious is sort of a win-win for everyone involved. Lane Bryant gets infinite more publicity for this ad, and shows like The O’Reilly Factor get to air the sexy spot repeatedly, as they did last night during their “Culture Warriors” segment. The odd conclusion made? This ad IS too sexy for a family friendly hour because “plus size models you are going to get more cleavage.”

Yes, this ad is inappropriate for an 8pm, family-friendly hour, said the “Culture Warriors,” but in classic Factor fashion, the ad was shown a number of times at – the 8pmfamily-friendly hour! Producers deserve credit here for a) warning viewers of the ad they were about to see, and b) airing the proper version of the ad (not like other cable news outfits.)

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