Bill O’Reilly: Fox News Is The Most Powerful Media Agency In The World


Forget the usual sniping about MSNBC–Bill O’Reilly wants you to know Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow simply don’t rate in one key area: global power domination.

“There is no power at MSNBC to do anything. Here at Fox, we have emerged–and correct me if you think I’m wrong–but I think Fox News is the most powerful media agency in the world. Not just the country, but the world.”

That bold claim may not be as surprising as the reaction from Bernie Goldberg, who gives O’Reilly a sad look and then says, “do you want me to answer that?”

When O’Reilly asks, “Do you agree with that assessment?” Goldberg pours cold water all over O’Reilly’s desk. “No, I don’t.”

Has Goldberg gone soft on the lamestream media? It may cause shivers up Red State spines to hear Goldberg say one media outlet with more juice than Fox–is The New York Times.

GOLDBERG: I still believe The New York TImes is a very powerful news organization.

O’REILLY: More than, Fox, huh?

GOLDBERG: Not only because everybody in Congress reads The New York Times, and many of them take the editorials seriously, as if they were written from Mt. Olympus, but because everybody else in the media, certainly the three broadcast networks, take their cues from The New York Times.

O’REILLY: But let me challenge you on that. I think that Fox News can sway public opinion much faster than The New York Times, because we don’t play the game that they play. We go right to the folks.

GOLDBERG: I sort of wish you weren’t doing this to me, Bill. But since you’re asking, and let the record show you brought this up. Fox News is very important. No question about that. On Election Night, more people were watching Fox on cable than anybody else. If Fox does softball interviews, if Fox champions causes, if Fox likes one candidate or treats them differently than another, then you know what, it’s blowing an opportunity to be the important voice in broadcasting.

Great clip from start to finish, including Goldberg calling Donny Deutsch a “doofus.”

Watch, from Fox News, which may or may not be the most powerful media agency in the world. Enjoy, folks:

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