O’Reilly: GOP Blowing ‘Huge Opportunity’ on Obamacare by Tearing Each Other’s Heads Off

Bill O’Reilly was very skeptical of the government shutdown tactic during that huge fight, and on Tuesday night he took on the growing division in the GOP borne from that very battle between the moderate Republican establishment and the tea party fighters. O’Reilly warned that if the GOP doesn’t stop all the in-fighting, it’s going to be a political suicide of sorts in the next two election cycles.

O’Reilly brought up Bill Clinton‘s critical comments on Obamacare to say this should be a great moment for Republicans, but instead they’re fighting amongst each other over tactics and taking sides. So instead of being “united against Obamacare,” they’re “fighting each other over ideology.”

O’Reilly brought up the unbelievable pushback he in particular has been getting simply for questioning tea party tactics, including one viewer who called him a traitor.” He warned, “If the Republican party remains divided, they’ll be defeated in the midterm elections next year and will lose the presidency in 2016.”

He blamed the liberal media for egging on the Republican civil war, as well as the more conservative media for stoking the fires of discontent by labeling anyone not completely on board with everything they want as a RINO.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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