O’Reilly ‘Insulted’ By Chris Christie’s Refusal To Appear On The Factor: ‘I Think It’s Personal’

O'Reilly 'Insulted' By Christie's Refusal To Appear On The Factor: 'I Think It's Personal'

On Wednesday night, Bill O’Reilly noted that there’s a certain someone who doesn’t seem to like him much. Or at least not enough to come on his show. That someone being New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Noting that he’s never even spoken with the governor, O’Reilly remarked that it’s likely “personal.”

“Chris Christie doesn’t like me,” O’Reilly noted, rolling footage in which Christie was asked why he hasn’t appeared on O’Reilly’s show.

In the clip, Christie laughs and replies, “Because I don’t want to.” Asked why, he adds, “Because there’s lots of things I could go on, I don’t choose to go on that show.” Told O’Reilly’s “a very fair guy,” the governor responds, “Yeah, I’m sure we both are.”

During his show, O’Reilly remarked that he’s never met or spoken with Christie — and doesn’t even make fun of him! Correspondent Juliet Huddy, a New Jerseyan, added that O’Reilly has in fact “stood up for him.”

“I think it’s personal though,” O’Reilly said. “I think it’s somebody in his organization that loathes me.”

“There is definitely an edge there,” he added, joking that he’s “just insulted” that Christie wouldn’t come on, but “I don’t even want him!”

The clip below, via Fox News:

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