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O’Reilly, Kurtz Go After Stewart, Colbert for ‘Propping Up’ Democrats

With all the Obama administration scandals flying around these days, Bill O’Reilly just can’t help but wonder: what does this mean for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? O’Reilly and Fox media critic Howard Kurtz took on the two comedians’ influence at a time when Democrats are flailing.

O’Reilly said Stewart and Colbert do nothing but “prop up the Democratic party and the liberal line,” which is difficult to do when the Democrats are getting hit this hard. Kurtz said Stewart’s influence peaked in the Bush years and whenever they do go after President Obama, “the humor is very gentle.”

Lauren Ashburn tried defending them a bit, but O’Reilly stayed on point and insisted the core audience both Stewart and Colbert have “wants to hear that O’Reilly and other traditionalists and all the Republican politicians are bad.”

But there are times when Stewart and Colbert actually do take on Obama administration scandals, like when Stewart mocked the near-“criminal idiocy” at the IRS Tuesday night. Kurtz, however, wasn’t impressed, because Stewart, despite mercilessly hammering the IRS, “glossed over President Obama’s role.” (Which is only an allegation so far since there’s been no direct evidence yet that Obama ordered the IRS to do what they did.)

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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