O’Reilly: Media Hammers Carson for ‘Tiny’ Things But Gave Hillary a Pass on Benghazi

billBill O’Reilly came to Ben Carson‘s defense tonight against what he deemed a “defamation game,” contrasting his treatment by the media with Hillary Clinton‘s.

O’Reilly recalled how over the years people have gone after him to “destroy my reputation because The Factor was becoming very successful,” so he could extend his empathy to Republicans being similarly scrutinized.

He rolled his eyes at the “small-ball” stuff Carson’s being questioned on and asked if it’s really that important when compared to Hillary Clinton‘s Benghazi testimony, which O’Reilly believes the media gave her a pass on.

He made it clear that he has no patience for anyone who plays “foolish games” with presidential candidates, even bringing up how he fact-checked the President Obama birther nonsense.

It’s worth pointing out that as O’Reilly talked about defamation, he said that’s what George Will tried to do to him during their big fight last Friday.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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