O’Reilly Mocks Mitt Romney’s Car Elevator: ‘Where Does The Elevator Take The Car?’

The news that Mitt Romney was building an elevator for his car took many following politics by surprise, whether it being because of the political implications of such a choice or simply because such a thing as a “car elevator” exists. On tonight’s O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly joked he had no idea what was going on with elevator either, asking “What’s wrong with Mitt Romney?” and wondering how he came up with “all kinds of crazy stuff.”

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“What is wrong with Mitt Romney?” O’Reilly asked his panel in between laughs. “He doesn’t have to build a $19-million-dollar Taj Mahal in a La Hoya, California– couldn’t he just wait a few years?” O’Reilly then began to ponder the mechanics of the elevator. “I don’t know where the car goes. You have a garage, you have a car, you open the door, you drive it out. Where does the elevator take the car?” he asked, adding that he didn’t understand why Romney “hands the opposition… all kinds of crazy stuff.”

Mary Katharine Ham joked that Romney “can always argue that he is spending his own money on the elevator,” to which O’Reilly replied, “and he’s providing jobs to the elevator guy!”

The segment via Fox News below:

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