O’Reilly: Networks Prefer Seeing Planned Parenthood as a Victim, Not a Lawbreaker

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 8.41.05 PMDuring the talking points memo of his Thursday night show, Bill O’Reilly argued that liberal news networks were put into a difficult situation when two videos came to light showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the harvesting and sale of fetal tissue.

O’Reilly looked at how cable networks gave extensive coverage to the story, but network news like CBS, NBC, and ABC all offered significantly less coverage, only a few minutes.

O’Reilly noted how later, “when the Susan Coleman breast cancer charity cut ties ties with Planned Parenthood because the charity said it had a policy barring it from funding groups under congressional investigation which planned parenthood was at the time, the three broadcast networks covered the story extensively.”

Put into that light, O’Reilly suggested that networks were showing a media bias that they preferred seeing Parenthood as a victim in this story, rather than as organization that might have broken the law.

“The data on how the networks covered the organ selling story basically proves that liberal philosophy dominates in TV news and that is what is being put forth to americans on a daily basis,” O’Reilly concluded.

You can watch the segment here:

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