O’Reilly On Christie’s RNC Speech: ‘Maybe He Should’ve Worn A Romney T-Shirt’

On Thursday morning, Bill O’Reilly paid a visit to Matt Lauer on Today — to discuss what else but the Republican National Convention. After an exasperated reference to how much “bloviating” conventions entail, O’Reilly took a minute to respond to criticism of Chris Christie‘s keynote speech. And remind us that politics is “boring.”

Asked about the “mixed reviews” Christie received, O’Reilly replied, “I didn’t think it was that bad.”

“I think Christie was basically saying, ‘Look, this is what I’ve done in my state — smaller government, challenging the vested interests, bringing down the budget — and that’s what Romney’s going to do,'” O’Reilly added.

On a lighter note, he remarked, “Maybe he could’ve made the linkage a little bit more. Maybe he should’ve worn a Romney T-shirt. ‘I Like Mitt.’ But I didn’t think it was that bad.”

The segment then turned to O’Reilly’s new book, which is a children’s book adaptation of his recent book Killing Lincoln. That discussion provided a segue for O’Reilly to assert that children should be more involved in their country. Dismissing Lauer’s “pinhead” notion that children don’t get involved because of the negativity (“kids like negativity”), O’Reilly said it’s because they find politics boring.

“A lot of people think politics is boring,” he said, “because it is.”

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