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O’Reilly on ISIS Speech: Obama Should Just Say He’ll ‘Kill These Bastards’

Bill O’Reilly previewed President Obama‘s ISIS speech tonight and said that the president simply lacks the stomach to fight America’s enemies. In a perfect world, O’Reilly said, Obama should go on TV and vow to take out these ‘bastards” threatening the United States.

Bob Beckel said ISIS isn’t as dangerous as they’re being made out to be. O’Reilly disputed this and argued that whereas 9/11 was carried out by a “bunch of clowns,” ISIS is far better equipped to carry out an attack on the United States. He charged that Obama lacks “the stomach for the fight [and] doesn’t seem to be passionate enough.”

O’Reilly continued, “If I’m the president, I would say, ‘Look, I’m gonna kill every one of these bastards and I’m not gonna tell you how, but I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna kill ’em. You know why? Because they want to kill us and they already have killed American citizens.'”

Beckel insisted ISIS isn’t that big a threat to the U.S. because “once we put some missiles on ’em” they’ll disperse. O’Reilly insisted all it takes is a few of them to sneak into the country and they can carry out a devastating attack.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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