O’Reilly Panel Pans WH Outreach on Syria: Not Winning Over Liberals

On The O’Reilly Factor Friday night, Laura Ingraham brought on two Democrats to analyze the Obama administration’s efforts to get more liberals on board with military action in Syria. So far, they haven’t done that much convincing, even with John Kerry sitting down on MSNBC and writing a piece for The Huffington Post. Dennis Kucinich and Simon Rosenberg thought the president hasn’t done a good job so far convincing liberals to back him.

Kucinich touted a HuffPo piece he wrote on the biggest unanswered questions before noting how a lot of anti-Iraq War Democrats seem to be flip-flopping, though he predicted his party will “hold pretty strong” to reject military action. Ingraham brought up a report that the Congressional Black Caucus has been pressured to stay quiet on Syria, though Rosenberg thought no one’s really been that quiet, so it appears not to be working thus far.

Kucinich emphasized there are too many things the Obama administration has not addressed yet which has made liberals like him incredibly skeptical of military action. He said, “We can’t have a classified sales pitch for war.” Rosenberg admitted that Obama thus far “hasn’t been aggressive about making his case,” but predicted that by his primetime address next Tuesday he should be able to “turn this thing around.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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