O’Reilly: ‘Political Correctness’ Preventing US from Rejecting People from Ebola-Stricken Countries

On his show tonight, Bill O’Reilly reiterated his call for the Obama Administration to turn away any civilian trying to enter the United States from ebola-stricken West Africa, and wondered why they weren’t locking down the borders.

“Does that make sense to you?” he asked, pointing out how ebola victim Thomas Duncan managed to enter the U.S., while other countries had closed their borders. “A possible reason for the inaction is political correctness.”

He then ran a clip from CNN, in which a panelist said that Americans could not abandon Liberia due to their common history (Liberia was founded by freed African-American slaves).

“That’s insane. Insane,” O’Reilly muttered. “By the way, 3,000 American soldiers have been ordered to help out, and that’s humane and proper. But civilians are another matter.”

Watch below via Fox:

[Image via screenshot]

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