O’Reilly Reloads: Bill’s War On The “War On Christmas” Continues

Picture 6Dr. Jayne Gilmore, principal of Byam Elementary School — you ma’am, are in the crosshairs. Bill O’Reilly‘s that is, as the host kicks off this holiday season with an old favorite: a fight against The War On Christmas. You see, Gilmore has a holiday gift room in her school, but has banned all signs of Christmas. (And Hanukkah.) So she’s an equal opportunity religion hater, basically, and “even Santa got the boot,” reported O’Reilly. That big bearded man’s probably an agnostic! And yet… not allowed. Sounds like a job for O’Reilly’s go-to ambush associate extraordinaire, the unfaltering Jesse Watters a.k.a. Santa’s Little Helper.

“Why are you trying to ruin Christmas for the children?” Watters asks the school committee chair in the parking lot. And the camera’s shaky so you know it’s legit. “We’re just trying to help out the kids,” he pleads to the police.

Then, O’Reilly welcomes Watters to the show to explain just what went down in Godlessville, USA. “They feel like the athiest children are going to be offended and feel left out,” he explains. It’s a nice big laugh all round, so pour yourself some eggnog, sprinkle that cinnamon powder and enjoy the show. Hold the rum for now, because no matter which side of this story you’re on, you’ll need it after watching the clip. Add to taste.

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