O’Reilly Repeatedly Presses Carson to Say Whether Trump Is ‘Divisive’

bill carsonBen Carson is one of the latest candidates earning the wrath of Donald Trump, this time for what came across as a jab at Trump’s faith. Carson said, “I realize where my successes come from, and I don’t in any way deny my faith in God.” Trump fired back today and raised questions about Carson’s faith, and the Carson campaign is demanding an apology.

But the candidate himself attempted to walk back what he said in talking to Bill O’Reilly tonight. O’Reilly didn’t let him off easy, pointing out that Carson was specifically asked to differentiate himself from Trump, and so he was the one to bring up the faith issue.

He asked Carson to specifically outline why he’s better suited than Trump and the other candidates. Carson said that’s a decision for the American people and simply reaffirmed his core beliefs.

At one point he mentioned “agents of divisiveness,” and O’Reilly picked up on that to ask Carson very directly, “Is Donald Trump an agent of divisiveness?”

Carson declined to answer, but O’Reilly tried again: “Do you, as an American, believe that Mr. Trump is a divider?”

Carson again refused to answer. O’Reilly moved on, but not before saying he thinks that’s a fair question that people would like to know the answer to.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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