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O’Reilly Slams ‘Lemming’ ‘Mainstream Media,’ Boasts About Fox News Covering Jailed Ex-Marine

With this morning’s news that ex-Marine Jon Hammar is to be released from Mexican prison, Bill O’Reilly — who has been quite passionate about Hammar’s ordeal — took the opportunity to slam the “lemming” mainstream media for largely ignoring the story; and to heap praise upon his own network for calling attention to the story and, in his belief, playing a role in expediting the man’s release.

“I think they started to see the urgency when Fox News began to report the story,” O’Reilly said of the officials involved in getting Hammar out of jail.

He then took a moment to slam other media outlets for not carrying the story as heavily as Fox: “Interestingly enough most of the other American media did not pick up on the story. It is purely driven by Fox News.”

Host Martha MacCallum asked why others did not report Hammar’s plight.

His response:

“It’s because they are lemmings, that they just all do the same thing, and that the plight of a Marine corporal who served his country in Afghanistan and Iraq and had post-traumatic stress disorder doesn’t really matter to them. Why do they care? Also it didn’t make President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton look good because they didn’t intervene, at least publicly and do anything, didn’t say anything. So the mainstream media, which is dominated by ideological coverage, says, ‘Why do we want to do this? We don’t really care about the Marine and it’s making our people look bad.'”

O’Reilly also suggested the “mainstream media” avoided covering the story because it would make Mexico look bad.

He concluded: “I want to point out to the audience when you hear bad things about Fox News from the other people in the media, you can just say: You know what, what did you do for Corporal Hammar? That’s it. The conversation ends.”

Watch below, via Fox:

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