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O’Reilly: State Dept. ‘Insulting’ Our Intelligence by ‘Dodging’ on Hillary

Neither Hillary Clinton nor the State Department have addressed directly whether Clinton signed a separation statement––a document stating the signee has handed all important information over––before leaving State. If she did, that would create an issue vis-a-vis Clinton using personal emails the entire time she was Secretary of State.

Reporters tried today to get answers from both Clinton and a State Department spokeswoman, but neither gave direct answers. And that really teed off Bill O’Reilly tonight.

O’Reilly ripped into the “stonewalling” from Psaki and said it’s clear they’re “dodging.” He declared, “All of this is insulting to we the people!… This game-playing at our expense is horrendous.”

He noted that people are just going to find out soon enough, so they might as well come clean now and not dance around the matter.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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