O’Reilly Tears Into ‘Villain’ de Blasio: He Needs to Resign Immediately

Bill O’Reilly was away from The Factor tonight, but he was so disgusted with Bill de Blasio‘s dismissiveness towards the NYPD that he called in from vacation to tear into the New York mayor and call on him to resign for how he’s treated police under his mayorship.

O’Reilly called de Blasio “incompetent” and a “villain,” but didn’t go so far as to blame him for the shooting of two NYPD officers. As O’Reilly said, “no one else has blood on their hands” (though he did say the protesters who chanted “dead cops!” were basically “aiding and abetting” that kind of behavior).

But O’Reilly said that de Blasio is basically “anti-police,” called him a “pinhead” who has no problem palling around with a “racial provocateur” like Al Sharpton, and called on him to resign:

“This is an individual to resign today. Today. He cannot run this city, he’s lost control of the police department and their respect. They will never come back no matter what he says, because he sided with the protesters… He has disgraced the officer of the mayor of New York City.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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