O’Reilly: There’s a Humanitarian Crisis on Border and ‘Obama Is Socializing’?

Bill O’Reilly was bewildered tonight that there is a humanitarian crisis unfolding on the U.S.-Mexican border and “President Obama is socializing” in Colorado and Texas and appears not to be taking the crisis seriously. “In a calm time,” O’Reilly said, there’s nothing wrong with that, but not when there’s this kind of serious issue with thousands of undocumented children showing up at the border.

O’Reilly was stunned that Obama’s “refusing to go to the border,” and told him to do more to fix the crisis instead of pointing fingers at Republicans: “Stop the bleeding, Mr. President. Protect the poor kids who are being exploited.”

And when the media “starts to hammer him,” O’Reilly added, “you think he would wake up and smell the chaos,” but the president does not feel a sense of “urgency” to act here. He argued the U.S. can’t simply take in all those children, and “creating huge social and economic problems inside our own country is irresponsible and un-American.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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