O’Reilly Thinks Boehner’s Tears Are ‘Sincere,’ But He Won’t ‘Govern That Way’

Bill O’Reilly‘s “body language” readers are vintage Factor by now, but while many times they’re trotted out to investigate the latest mystery hand signs from Nancy Pelosi or whatever it is your favorite member of the liberal elite is trying to say with that suspicious nod, today’s body language analysis was all about tears– the newsworthy, seemingly endless tears of soon-to-be Speaker of the House John Boehner.

The footage of Rep. Boehner in dispute comes from a clip from an interview with CBS, where Rep. Boehner explains that he finds it difficult to discuss children at this point in his career and that he “can’t go to schools anymore” because “all these kids running around… can’t talk about it.” With that declaration, his throat tightens and his eyes gloss over, the emotional episode ending with Boehner noting that his job is “making sure these kids have a shot at the American dream.”

“What is that?” asks an incredulous (but respectful) O’Reilly, adding with a shadow of a shrug that “I think he’s sincere,” to which his body language analyst, Tonya Reiman agrees. “We can’t talk about the kids?” O’Reilly continues, wondering what’s left to talk about if “the kids” are off the table.

Reiman helpfully adds that “there’s not much he can talk about,” and O’Reilly later lessens the blow by added that, while he finds the whole thing bizarre, he doesn’t “think he’ll govern that way.” “You hope,” Reiman adds helpfully.

Compare O’Reilly’s handling of Boehner’s tears whilst holding his nose at the entire ordeal to a supportive (?) Rachel Maddow— and, of course, to the outright disgust with him on The View. Seems that O’Reilly falls somewhere in the middle of the men-who-cry spectrum, something we could probably tell you just by looking at his friends.

Tonight’s discussion on Boehner’s tears via Fox News below:

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