O’Reilly: Villainous Putin ‘Smirking at the World’ and Obama for Inaction

Bill O’Reilly opened his show Tuesday night with a grim assessment of the current Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin is counting on lack of action from Western powers and he may very well get his wish. O’Reilly went down a list of European nations that aren’t willing to get tough with Putin and also hit the Obama administration for not doing enough to deal with this “villain.”

He said Putin’s “smirking at the world” because he believes Europe will back down. There are indications the UK won’t curb trade or impose sanctions, while France, Germany, and Italy want to go a softer route in dealing with Putin. In other words, O’Reilly added, Russia is “watching the Western powers kneel.”

O’Reilly noted Putin’s likely “enjoying the spectacle” of the U.S. and President Obama being too weak to corral Europe in a unified coalition, leaving the rest of the world “powerless” to intervene.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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