Osama bin Laden Reads His Last Will And Testament On SNL

Surprising no one, the opening sketch for tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live was a reading of Osama bin Laden’s last will and testament on C-SPAN (where else?). Bin Laden’s requests included having Dakota Fanning as a pall bearer, provided she is still under 12 and a virgin at the time of his death, as well as a directive to not bury him at sea. Whoops, we’ve failed on both counts!

Fred Armisen’s bin Laden also took the time to thank his “human shield, Fatima” and the Pakistani Intelligence Service for being so “solid” and “reliable.” Though bin Laden’s death is ripe for mocking from a New York institution like Saturday Night Live, this sketch dragged a bit and seemed just a tad too real. Yes, I know that he talks about the terrible quality of restaurants in Mecca and the upsetting flavor of camel poop, but still! It was a strangely downbeat note on which to start the show.

Watch the clip from NBC below:

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