Ostracized Russian Oligarch Implies Kremlin Behind Infamous Kushner Meeting

An ostracized Russian oligarch implied that White House senior adviser Jared Kushner’s December 2016 rendezvous with a top Russian banker was done under the direction of the Kremlin.

The unconfirmed assertion was made in an NBC News interview by Mikhail Khodorkovsky — a notorious Putin opponent. Their disagreements stem from the Russian president imprisoning Khodorkovsky for 10 years, exiling him, and causing him to lose his immense fortune; all for allegedly political reasons.

“I am almost convinced that Putin’s people have tried to influence the U.S. election in some way…Whether or not that proposal was accepted, I would let the people responsible for investigating the matter answer that question,” Khodorkovsky also said to MSNBC host Ari Melber.

Given Putin and Khodorkovsky’s bitter rivalry, his comments should be taken with some skepticism, but he does seem to staunchly stand behind them.

He even said he is almost certain Putin tried to collude with Trump’s camp. From NBC News:

Khodorkovsky says he believes the likelihood that Putin “personally” tried to cooperate with the Trump campaign to affect the election is a “9 out of 10.”

Prior to his imprisonment and subsequent exile, Khodorkovsky ran Russia’s biggest oil business — which ties him to a number of Putin associates who have been caught up into the FBI probe on Russia’s election involvement. The head of the Russian bank that Kushner met with is led by Sergey Gorkov, who was once a leading official in Khodorkovsky’s old oil company.

Watch the interview above, via MSNBC.

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