’Our Producer Didn’t Put It in the Lineup, But…’: Beckel Brings Up Spicer’s Gaffe on The Five

On Fox News’ The Five today, Bob Beckel threw a wrench in the machine.

The show came to a grinding halt after he said, “I can’t let this go, ’cause our producer didn’t put it in the lineup, but Sean Spicer, the president’s [press] secretary, said today that unlike Hitler, Hitler didn’t gas his own people, referring to [Bashar] al-Assad.”

He was referring to Spicer’s hours-old yet certainly now-infamous gaffe during today’s White House press briefing. Spicer compared Hitler to Syria’s Assad, insisting that Hitler didn’t use gas which caused MSNBC to point out that oh yes, he did.

Greg Gutfeld jumped in to tell Beckel that it was clearly just a mistake, which led to an awkward moment between the two hosts.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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