comScore Outnumbered Gets Heated Over Clinton’s ‘Garbage’ Claims of Sexism: ‘It’s Crap!’

Outnumbered Gets Heated Over Clinton’s ‘Garbage’ Claims of Sexism: ‘It’s Crap!’

Conservative radio host David Webb was today’s #OneLuckyGuy on Outnumbered, and of course, there was plenty to say about the latest comments from the show’s favorite punching bag: Hillary Clinton.

Clinton drew attention again this week after bemoaning that no presidential candidate before her has ever received so many calls to be quiet and fade away. Clinton attributed this to sexism last night, and between these remarks and her other recent controversial comments, Melissa Francis wondered about the former first lady’s mental health.

“How can she say people are being sexist against her when she’s being sexist against a giant group of women and she doesn’t even see it,” Francis asked. “I think she has actually lost her mind.”

Democratic contributor Jessica Tarlov didn’t approve of Clinton’s derogatory comments about Trump voters, but her fellow panelists flipped out when she tried to explain what exactly Clinton was talking about. Webb reacted by comparing Clinton’s “drivel” to political-racial stereotypes, and the talk proceeded to blow up from there.

Tarlov eventually tried to regain control over the discussion, though Webb interjected to say the notion of forced voting is “crap.”

“We vote individually when we go into that booth, and now we are supposed to take a study that we vote collectively? This is garbage!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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