Fox’s Outnumbered Gets Heated After Guest Argues Electorate Moving Towards GOP: ‘Get Your Facts Right’


The hosts of Thursday’s Outnumbered engaged in a heated conversation that led to mild shouting over each other, as Fox News’ David Webb and Marie Harf clashed over how impeachment talks impact the Democratic Party.

Katie Pavlich said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s inability to keep Democrats together on the issue of impeachment will inevitably help Republicans. Webb agreed, saying Democrats on Capitol Hill were progressively circling their party down a drain by focusing on President Donald Trump instead of other important issues.

“All the Democrats don’t have to row in the same direction, but what they’re doing is rowing in a circle and that circle is circling a drain,” he said. “The party is literally taking itself out of a national party to more of a regional party. And this is what’s going to happen if they keep going.”

Harf strongly disagreed, citing the 2018 primaries as showing traction toward the Democrats, proving “quite the opposite.” Webb responded that Democratic wins were only at regional levels, not national. The two continued to squabble over which states were won by Democrats versus Republicans in 2018.

“You gotta get your facts right, David,” Harf shot back, as Webb insisted the country is “still trending to the right,” pointing out to states like California, Illinois, and New York.

“That’s not what’s happening in 2018, but we will focus on 2020 going forward,” said Harf, abruptly turning to the camera and teasing for the next segment.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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