Outnumbered Gets Heated After Guest Defends Trump: ‘Not Credibly’ Accused of Sexual Assault


The fallout over President Donald Trump belly-flopping into the middle of the Sen. Al Franken sexual assault story continued today, with the Fox News program Outnumbered getting into a heated discussion over his misspelled tweets.

Radio producer Bernard McGuirk sat in the hot seat today, as the show’s “One Lucky Guy” and got into a sparring match with Marie Harf over whether or not the multiple sexual assault allegations against Trump have any merit.

It started with co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy suggesting that Trump’s tweets may have been somewhat tone deaf and that he is perhaps not the “best messenger” to deliver barbs against Franken.

That’s when Harf and McGuirk began their disagreement in earnest, after McGuirk suggested that Trump has not been “credibly” accused of assault, despite the number of accusers standing at 14.

“It’s convenient that you believe every woman who accuses a Democrat,” Harf said, with McGuirk segueing to a discussion on the validity of claims of sexual assault placed against Bill Clinton by Juanita Broadrrick.

“We need to believe women and we need to hold men accountable,” Harf continued, stating she is willing to accept Broadrrick at her word. “That needs to go for President Trump, who has been credibly accused by over a dozen women. It needs to start at the top.”

McGuirk continued to say that allegations against the president are “not credible,” declaring “The Access Hollywood tape, by the way, that was just locker room talk.”

Harf called McGuirk’s perceived double standards “stunning,” eventually asking him repeatedly if Trump should resign.

McGuirk ignored the question, and the panel eventually moved on.

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