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Outnumbered Gets Heated Over Nunes Memo: ‘That’s Horrifying!’

Outnumbered was of many minds on Friday as its hosts on Fox News poured through the revelations from Devin Nunes‘s newly released memo detailing alleged FISA abuses against the Trump 2016 campaign.

Lisa Boothe analyzed the memo with Howard Kurtz, today’s #OneLuckyGuy, and she determined that it proves the investigations into Trump have been “poisoned by politics.” When she received pushback from Jessica Tarlov, Boothe persisted by arguing that Michael Flynn wouldn’t have gotten in trouble if not for the Trump-collusion narrative, and the president has good reason to accuse his investigators of partisan bias.

Melissa Francis focused on the part of the memo which stated that Andrew McCabe wouldn’t have sought a FISA warrant had it not been for Christopher Steele‘s salacious dossier. When asked if this development on the FBI’s integrity will increase pressure to fire Robert Mueller, Kurtz wasn’t sure since the special counsel has very little direct connection with the dossier.

“There’s been so much fierce partisanship surrounding this issue, surrounding this memo, that we are going to get the Democratic counterattack,” Kurtz said. “I think Lisa has a point, you can now understand in a more complete way why President Trump feels that there are partisans within the law enforcement bureaucracy.”

Things got heated when Francis declared that “law enforcement officials lied to a FISA court in order to spy on people.”

“That’s horrifying!” she exclaimed.

“That’s a very heavy charge,” Kurtz fired back. “The memo does not say that.”

She disputed that notion by arguing that law enforcement chiefs knew the dossier was “fake” all along.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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