Outnumbered Has Fierce Debate Comparing Treatment of Terrorists and Paul Manafort: ‘Utter Whataboutism!’


Friday’s Outnumbered got heated over the trial and treatment of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

David Bossie noted that Manafort is in solitary confinement while “terrorists” are allowed to walk free, and Jessica Tarlov put the brakes on him.

“Terrorists, that’s awful, they should not be treated well… [But] the defensive position that… you have entered into this conversation [with], we have all acknowledged on this couch that this is not about bringing down Donald Trump,” she said. “This is about someone who has allegedly broken U.S. laws repeatedly and for decades. Who Harris said is a bad actor and people who are working with enemies of the U.S. and Russia and in the Ukraine.”

“Your posture is so aggressive,” she added.

“What I’m dealing with is the mainstream media’s lies every single day, that this is the Russia probe, this is the collusion investigation,” Bossie replied.

“The Mueller folks are invested in this trial,” he added later. “They are trying to undo this election. They are still doing it.”

“The New Mexico case, where you have these five potential terrorists with a 3-year-old dead found there, training 11 other children to be school shooters at a time when we are setting our kids back to school, it’s outrageous,” he said after crosstalk. “This is a problem with their bail system, this is a problem with our federal courts.”

“But we can have that conversation, that’s such utter whataboutism,” Tarlov protested.

“It is contemporaneous to the conversation today because it’s happening all the time,” Harris Faulkner said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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