Outnumbered Host: America Needs to ‘Police’ The World Again

With President Donald Trump preparing to depart on a multi-stop foreign trip, the hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered weighed in on what it could mean to America’s standing in the international community.

Of course, the general consensus among the largely conservative panel — featuring #OneLuckyGuy Mike Huckabee — was that President Obama’s foreign policy was a disaster. And according to Trish Regan, Trump needs to reassert the United States’ strength and reject the “isolationist policy” from the previous administration that “didn’t work.”

“We have historically been the biggest power in the world,” Regan said. “We said to heck with that under President Obama, we abandoned that, and now there’s an opportunity to set things right.”

She continued, “The world needs us. They need us there, helping to police all the challenges. Without us, it’s a vacuum.”

This actually flies in the face of much of Trump’s campaign rhetoric. He presented himself as a less hawkish alternative to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — who could forget Maureen Dowd’s ‘Donald the Dove’ column — while insisting that he had always been against the Iraq War. (Something that wasn’t entirely true.)

Additionally, as far as the whole “police” thing, Trump specifically said during a presidential debate that “we cannot be the policemen of the world.” So there’s, you know, that.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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