Outnumbered Host Sits on Charlie Gasparino’s Back as He Does Pushups

So here is Harris Faulkner sitting on Charlie Gasparino‘s back as he does pushups.


Why not, says Outnumbered. Why not put a woman on a man’s back and do pushups on television? Why not live life to the fullest? Why not send a rocket to land on a comet?

Why not turn an Outnumbered segment into a metaphorical tableau of Outnumbered itself, wherein smart women are sometimes made to sit on a guy’s back as he performs feats of strength to showcase his virility?

Why not drink Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew? Throw it all out the window.

Actually, it’s because Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison posted a video of himself doing such a feat on YouTube, and Outnumbered wanted to see if their #OneLuckyGuy could do the same. But these are important questions.

Watch below via Fox:

[Image via screenshot]

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