comScore Outnumbered Hosts Say Dems Need Fox Debate to Reach ‘Union Workers’ Like ‘Joe from Scranton’

Outnumbered Hosts Say Dems Need Fox Debate to Reach ‘Union Workers’ Like ‘Joe from Scranton’

The DNC’s refusal to host primary debates on Fox News continues to be a topic on the network, and on Wednesday’s Outnumbered it came up in a discussion about where Democrat and independent voters may go as their candidates drop from the primary. FBN’s Dagen McDowell said that it’s the best way to reach “Joe from Scranton.”

The Democrat on the panel, Jessica Tarlov, was batting around the Hillary Clinton question with host Harris Faulkner when it came up. Tarlov was noting the gains in polling for Sen. Kamala Harris, and said that a lot of people who were Clinton donors were going to Harris. McDowell said that Clinton discouraged Biden from running and read a sort-of oddball quote about it.

“Hillary Clinton isn’t running for president this time,” Tarlov began.

McDowell interrupted to say “she won’t go away,” and there was discussion about that. Eventually Faulkner asked about where Bernie Sanders voters from 2016 would go.

“That’s the beauty of a primary. Bernie Sanders voters will go for–”

“They didn’t all vote for Clinton,’ Faulkner interrupted.

“No, they didn’t,’ said Tarlov. She pointed out that Sanders just hired someone who in 2016 voted for Jill Stein, noting that there are issues on the far left side of the party in some respects.

“But this is not a story about Hillary Clinton anymore,” she said. “This is a story about a huge, vibrant field of candidates that are putting themselves out there and advancing new and innovative proposals. And we should judge that.”

“You know what they should do, they should do a Democratic debate on Fox News so they can reach people outside their tent and reach all those independents and people who sometimes watch us because they want to hear the whole story. I’m just preaching,” Faulkner said.

“Those union workers, Joe from Scranton, talk to them on the Fox News Channel,” said McDowell, a reference to Joe Biden and his ballyhooed, working class hometown.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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