Outnumbered Rumbles Over Pelosi, Pruitt in Heated Skirmish: She is the ‘Largest Swamp Creature,’ Not Ex-EPA Chief


No one on Outnumbered was looking to defend former EPA chief Scott Pruitt, but some of them argued that a few of the people throwing stones at him live in glass houses.

“Boy, it is rich hearing [Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) talk about a swamp creature when she is, in fact, I think the largest swamp creature that exists,” Melissa Francis said.

“When Democrats complain about cronyism, my sides hurt from absolute laughter,” Kennedy added. “And when Bernie Sanders that Scott Pruitt is the worst EPA administrator in history, name me… one other person that has run the EPA. I don’t think anyone can do it.”

Meanwhile, Dagen McDowell did name another seemingly corrupt EPA administrator, Gina McCarthy, but that didn’t excuse Pruitt’s behavior.

“If you run on draining the swamp, [Trump] put somebody in who practically started a gator farm on the mall in Washington. He showed up with his own airboat. Wasn’t that the dead giveaway?” she said.

“He knew better,” Kennedy agreed. “Don’t go to Morocco. Stop going to Oklahoma. Don’t try to get your wife a Chik-fil-A.”

Jessica Tarlov brought it back to Pelosi, questioning whether she is, as the others said, a swamp creature.

“The point about Nancy Pelosi, she’s not accused of ethics violations,” Tarlov said. “She’s a very wealthy woman.”

“The definition of a swamp creature is somebody who comes into the center in Washington and never leaves,” Francis argued over chatter.

“I thought it was somebody with 13 investigations into them,” Tarlov quipped.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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